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In order to create a safe visit to the office, we have changed our scheduling system to have specific appointments based on the services needed for each patient and by patient age. This helps to reduce exposure of vulnerable patients to office staff and other patients.

In-Office Patient Procedures Due to COVID-19

  • We allow the patient and one family member into the office. All other visitors must wait outside of the office or in their car. Children must be supervised.
  • All visits for any reason is by appointment only. If you drop in you will be scheduled for a visit.
  • Do not crowd the entry doors.
  • Do not come to the office if you have tested positive for or have symptoms of COVID-19 unless instructed to come in by our doctor. Every person’s temperature will be checked before being allowed into the office. Call us at 408-293-2020 get our doctor’s advice.

Appointment Schedule

  • We see patients age 13 and under on Wednesdays. If you request an appointment for a child any other day, your child will be rescheduled to a Wednesday.
  • With our schedule and room layout, we can only see two family members per day and keep our patients safe. Do not request more than 2 appointments per day. Depending on the reason for the visits, we may only be able to see one family member per day.
  • Patients under age 3 need a referral from their pediatrician before scheduling.